Library Management

Library Management Web Application

Advance options to keep the distribution of books

Before Digital Transformation, the librarians of School’s and Colleges used to maintain their records like inventory, entries, store, categories, student details, issue date, receiving dates in registers or invoice slip. In many times we saw much kind of errors arrived such as missing or receipt, stocks etc.

After Digital Transformation School, Colleges and Libraries started maintaining their records in Computer by using web application and it helps to maintain record very easily and cost effectively.

Library Management Web Application:

It is a web application which stores data on web server and provides you facilities to like managing book, books , manage category, inventories, book issuing dates, returns date, mathematical calculations to check billing amount, monthly, daily, custom dates, student profile, stock report, any kind of future notification etc.

Why we need Library Management Application?

Our library management web application manages the complete cycle of each book and their distribution history, it reducing loss of books, over ordering and replacement costs thus saving money and time. It will not only improve the efficiency but will also reduce human stress thereby indirectly improving human recourses.

Functionalities Included:


Check book damages status