Society Management

Society Management

Our Society Management Web Application is based on the society activities including resident’s information, the usage of service by them, membership details, maintenance reports etc.

Generally, in Society all the work is decided in meetings and maintenance bills, contact no of members are recorded on the papers. There is no automated system for doing all the things that generally happens in society, so that members can come to know what is happening in society. The Society Management System allows members to login with their own account and get updated with society happenings.

Society Management System is the website portal to reduce conflicts among society members. The system has automated functionality for calculating monthly maintenance bill and member can view their bill status on their account. The main functionality of this project is that, there is a voting system for different society positions like Chairman; Treasurer Etc. Member can vote the candidates that are standing for different roles in society.

Existing system for a society is based on our traditional way keeping records and details on paper and registers. It has many drawbacksif you compare the present lifestyle of human being which is certainly upgrade by technologies and their uses.

Flat Owner's Management:

  • Add Flat Owners/Tenant
  • Manage Users and Their Permissions
  • Invite Members
  • Manage Units/Flats Owned by Owners
  • Society Rules - Add Laws
  • Society Documents
  • Add Member Under Owner Profile


  • Create Category for Vendors
  • Manage Contact Details of Vendors
  • Vendors - Add Verified vendor List
  • Update Vendor Profile
  • Check Entries and Exits of Vendors
  • Create Invoice For Vendors
  • Check Bills on Daily and Monthly Basis


  • Email Broadcast
  • Society Enquiries
  • Edit Society Website
  • Society Permissions
  • Collaboration for Advertiser
  • Create Advertiser List
  • Create Invoice/Check Bill Payment Status
  • Add Groups
  • Open Discussions
  • Post Classifieds on Society Website
  • Add Photos and Video on Society Website
  • Event Calendar
  • Notice Board
  • Complaint Box
  • Useful Contacts
  • Member Directory


  • Manage Bank Accounts Details
  • Update Entries on Statement
  • Vendor Accounts and Billing
  • Non-Regular Income
  • Auto CalculatedPenalty Charges
  • Create Invoices
  • Bills & Receipts
  • Edit Transactions
  • Check Reports Including Total Expenses, Due, Arrear etc