Online Hospital Management Web Application

Our integrated Online Hospital Management covers all the required modules which start from the patient entry to the exit from the hospitals. It contains all the information such as patient details, fees, check up reports, doctors & consultancy, revisit, billing and account etc. In the digital growing world of healthcare and hospital industry it is a formidable concern to manage a multi-specialty hospital and our HMS fulfill these criteria.

Hospital Management Web Application is developed as per web based features that manage the functionality of hospital and the paperless advantages of the whole organization. It integrates complete details about doctors, medical staff, patients, hospital administrative information etc.

In our Hospital Management application, this is mapping hospital working process start to end by client-server concepts. On this we can clarify the hospital process like patient information, Receipt, payment, inventory, point of sale, pathology detail and professional block etc.

Hospital Management

Functionalities Included:

  • OPD Patient Registration
  • Online Registration System
  • IPD Patient Registration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Lab Payment
  • OPD Patient Billing
  • IPD Patient Billing
  • Wards & Bed Management Module
  • Admission Discharge Billing
  • Payment Collection
  • Access on Mobile for appointments
  • Online reporting
  • Graphical representation of Bed Availability
  • Auto email for information and alert.

Customizations feature as per client requirement.


Modularity: DWS-HMWA is a comprehensive package that includes various modules which cater to different functional areas of healthcare institutions. This is fully integrated, yet modular, so that the user is not compelled to buy modules that he does not require.

User Friendliness: DWS-HMWA is extremely easy to use because of the extensive assistance provided during any and all data entry operations. The package is menu-driven, and help is provided for each screen. A comprehensive user’s manual,detailing different procedures for various tasks is also provided.

Security: One of the major concerns of most hospitals is confidentiality of reports and records. Because of the sheer size and magnitude of patient’s data, this is not an easy task. DWS-HMWA provides multiple levels of security in the web application, so that data pertaining to various functions of the hospital remains confidential.

Hospital Management

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