Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System is a web-based application that provides to manage your hotel bookings, visitor list, availability, housekeeping and maximum services. It has features to allow the hotel manager to handle all hotel activities online. Interactive GUI and the ability to manage hotel bookings and rooms make this system very flexible and convenient. The hotel manager is a very busy person and does not have the time to sit and manage the entire activities manually on paper. This application gives him the power and flexibility to manage the entire system from a single online system.

Hotel management project provides room booking, staff management and other necessary hotel management features. The system allows the manager to post available rooms in the system. Customers can view and book room online. Admin has the power of either approving or disapproving the customer’s booking request. Other hotel services can also be viewed by the customers and can book them too. The system is hence useful for both customers and managers to portable manage the hotel activities.

Hotel Management

Admin Management Features:

  • Check Room Status
  • Guest Check in
  • Admin profile management
  • Check-In User Details
  • Cash Book management
  • Bill Analysis
  • Check-In Guest Details
  • Check-Out Guest Details
  • MIS Reports
  • Collection By Room
  • Collection By Room Type
  • Manage new user/hotel staff member
  • Total Tax Collected Against Specific Type
  • Manage rooms & its tariffs & parameters
  • Creating & Printing duplicate bills
  • Room Number Occupancy
  • Room Type Occupancy
  • Regular Customer Details
  • Name & City wise Customer Details
  • Check-In Employee Details
  • Check-Out Employee Details
  • Complaint Details
  • Facility Details

Hotel Staff member user features:

  • Check Room Status
  • Guest Check in
  • Own profile management
  • Cash Book
  • Printing duplicate bills
  • Set Message for the next reliever who would be replacing his duty


  • Completely web based application, accessible from anywhere.
  • Customized Design of the website and the admin section
  • Feature to accept bookings/ reservations automatically or reserve the right to reconfirm
  • Visitorsdeatils will help to retarget them at the time of offer and special packages.
Hotel Management

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