SEO has become an instinctive purpose of marketing for all types of businesses either it’s a professional service firm or an enterprise solutions provider. In today’s time, many companies are still struggling to amalgamate SEO successfully into their digital marketing efforts. All the startup companies have eaten businesses for all the popular industries. Nowadays, everybody wants to do SEO, everybody wants to go for Digital Marketing to sustain in the business world.


SEO has become mandatory marketing outlet which results in more and more qualified leads, customers and ultimately, more business.

So, now the question is what does all you need to take further a strong SEO campaign?
In my career, I have seen that many small businesses are afraid of doing SEO that may be because of money or something else. But SEO is the key to success for Google organic results which can take up your website with leading to quality outcomes. The biggest selling point in terms of SEO or related digital marketing tasks is going with the tools that can help you in optimizing your website better and also we can help in building up your brand with quality leads.

Let me take you to the five essential tools which can help in making your SEO investment a fruitful one.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a tool which is used for Keyword Research which is essential and most important step while going forward because quality research is all about your goals and desires of your target audience. Ahrefs has a refurbished Keywords Research/Explorer tool which can track a base of 2.8 billion keywords at a time which further can help you to get more valuable insights.

The keywords explorer function on this platform basically gives an idea of a large number of possible search terms on which your company could rank. Ahrefs also gives you thousands of keyword suggestions for your campaign which you can analyze by:

  • Monthly search volume
  • Top countries where the keyword is searched
  • Cost per click
  • Number of search results
  • Number of words in a keyword
  • Clicks per search result
  • How often people search for the keyword again
  • Traffic share per domain

It also gives you a basic idea with small details about how, when and where people are using these search terms.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is a tool which is used for Competitor Analysis. By using this tool you can go for a quality analysis of what your competitors are doing in digital marketing. And after doing analysis about your competitors you will definitely get an idea that how to squeeze your strategy in a way to maximize your conversion rates.

SEMrush provides a real time update figuring out the potential for gaining insight into your competitors’ ongoing tactics by examining following aspects:

  • Organic keyword positions
  • Top performing content
  • Advertising copy, costs and history
  • Display and video advertising analytics
  • Channel wise spend strategy
  • Backlinks
  • Traffic sources

3. Brandwatch

It is a which can be used for monitoring Social media accounts for any brand or business.
When you start brainstorming ideas for compelling content to drive more and more quality traffic to your website in terms of SEO campaign, you may need to know what exactly customer wants from the marketplace. And there is only one medium to know this – Social Media platforms because only a single channel won’t tell you where conversations are constantly taking place, so that’s why we require Social Media Platforms.

Brandwatch is a tool which tells you about following aspects like:

  • What trends impact your industry at the moment
  • Topics on which influencers are currently writing
  • The demographics of your audience
  • Audience activity, engagement and sentiment on various channels
  • Brand reach and visibility

4. Outbrain/ Taboola

And, now when you all done with your research so here is the time of releasing compelling content to your website which can be done by Outbrain or Taboola. Outbrain/ Taboola are the platforms which can be used to make more engagement to your website through content by relevance to blogs which are being read all over the internet.

And, it is all about putting together quality content for SEO or promotion requires a lot of time and resources and it’s even more difficult to get the right audience onto your blog.

  • Multiple, adaptable content formats
  • Story sequencing
  • Personalized and contextual targeting
  • Retargeting to custom audiences
  • Performance benchmarking by industry or geography

5. Buzzsumo – Content analytics

This tool helps in analyzing what content can perform the best across different topics and among different competitors. Use of this tool is an effective way to increase your business, get qualified leads and attract potential customers.

  • Great content ideas for posts
  • The networks on which the content is getting the best reception
  • What type of content is generating the most shares and segment it by format and length
  • The most popular headlines that are grabbing attention
  • Which days of the week see the most shares
  • The most influential curators and aggregators within any niche
  • More insights by exporting raw data to spreadsheets

Conclusion: Using all above tool provides you information and a way to go in digital marketing and its significance in marketing strategies.