How to Generate 500 Tourism Business Leads – Social Media Marketing Services

Have you seen lead generation campaigns on Facebook in Social Media Marketing Services ?

Are you familiar with how to run Facebook Lead Generation Campaign ?

Facebook has started Lead Generation as Facebook Advert Goals before some months. It is truly recommended to each and every entrepreneur for growing their business and capturing REAL LEADS that converts into business.

In this article, You will discover How to Generate 500 Tourism Business Leads by spending very few budget, in a month.

Why Facebook Lead Ads ?

Facebook has made the process of generating leads on its platform much easier and cost- effective as compared to Google Adwords, email-marketing and other platforms to generate leads.

With the NEW LEAD GENERATION OBJECTIVE, you can ask customers and prospects for their information.

Tapping on few buttons and allowing autofilling of personal information is availing customer to approach you easily.

Facebook Lead Ads


Here is how facebook lead ads work. Show your compelling ad to customer, and if they’re interested, they’ll click on the call to action  button to show up the autofilled lead form with their personal information that they’ve shared with Facebook. It can be edited also, if customer wants to.


If you need some additional information like Destination in tourism business leads campaign,  you can easily customize the form.

#1 : Craft a Lead Ad

You can create and edit your lead ads within Advert Manager and Power Editor. Both are great tools for managing and editing Facebook ad campaigns.

I am using Adverts Manager  for creating lead ad.

  1. Visit to Advert Manager and login with your Facebook Business account credentials  and click on Go To Advert Manager.
  2. Click on your Business Name. Facebook  Advert Manager Dashboard will be shown to you.


Advert Manager


3.   Once you are on Advert Manager Dashboard, you can start crafting your first lead ad .

4.   Now Choose Your Campaign Objective.


Adverts Manager Dashboard


5. Give your Campaign a Name (According to your choice). You may leave it as it is. You can manage all your Lead Generation ads according to Campaign Name and hit Set Up Advert Account button.

Campaign Name
Campaign Name


When you will click on Lead Generation Campaign, you will find all your adverts with objective set to Lead Generation.

6. Now set up your Advert Account. Choose Account Country, Currency, Time-zone of your country and hit the continue button.


Account Setup
Account Setup


7.  Give your Advert Set Name. Select your Business Page, and accept the Facebook Advert Terms & Conditions.


Choose Your Business Page


Terms & Conditions


8.   Now choose your Audience by Locations (Everyone, People Living, People Recently, People Travelling in this location). You can choose whole country or state in audience location.

Select Age Demography, Gender (All, Men or Women). Your ad will reach to only those audience whom you selected by location, age and gender.


Select Demographics


9.   Now add Detailed Targeting. Select people who are related to your business by Demographics, Interests or Behaviors.


Select Interest


You can include some popular websites and  your competitors in your targeted audience list. You will have an option to Save Your Audience to use this audience in another ad campaigns.






Select Demographics




Select Interest

10.   Now define How much amount you would like to spend and when you want to schedule your ad and click on continue.



Select Budget

11.   Now craft as compelling as HD images you can, with Very Less or No TEXT. Give an ad description that clearly shows what you are promoting.

You can choose for advert  art as Carousal (advert consists of 2 to 10 scrollable images or videos), a Single Image, Single Video, Slideshow (Looping video advert with up to 10 images).

Select a Call to Action which you want to perform with your advert set as (Apply Now, Download, Get Quote, Learn More, Sign Up etc)


#2 : Create a Leads Form

Create a Lead Form by clicking on New Form button. Choose options what information you would like to ask for ?

Now choose the details that you want to collect from customers and prospects.


Lead Form


You can Choose Custom Questions, if you want some  to gather from customers For eg. You can ask for Destination from your customer in a Tourism Business Ad. 


Custom Question


Add a link to your privacy policy (yes, you do need one) and click Next.


Privacy Policy


Save this Lead Form and Click Finish.

#2: Download Your Leads

Accessing your leads is a manual process. Facebook has provided a facility to Connect a CRM to receive leads instantly. You can connect a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) from the leads setup tab in your page’s publishing tools.

You can download your Leads Data in CSV format in Publishing Tools  ->  Forms Library. Select here your Lead form and Download All leads.

If you want to Download a Date wise, Go to your Advert Manager Dashboard -> Choose Date (of which you want to download Leads) -> Select Adverts-> Download Leads.


Lead Download


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