Best way to use hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Do Hashtags on Social Media Platform maximize the effectiveness?
Each one of social media platforms has its own rules and hence, we shouldn’t apply hashtag strategy everywhere.
Tips and best practices to use the right Hashtags:
  • Check out your competitor’s social media profile and see the hashtags they are using.
  • Use hashtags that influential people in your industry are using.
  • Don’t forget to add a caption in your post.
  • Think of your audience & be relevant while using the hashtags.
  • Don’t use spaces in between the hashtags. If you have multiple hashtags in your words, group them all together. The best way to differentiate between the words is use of capital letters #MondayMotivation instead of #Monday Motivation or #Monday #Motivation. So audience who are searching for #MondayMotivation will yield the same results as #mondaymotivation.
Let’s talk about their impact on the biggest social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:



Instagram is a social platform in which one is free to use as many hashtags in a post as one wants. But it is not a good practice to use a great number of hashtags. It gives you the liberty to expand your audience for your post in order to reach out to the target audience.
Using a hashtag in a post on Instagram, ties up the conversations of different users into one stream. For example, you have taken a picture and you want to see the pictures similar to that, so with the help of hashtags it creates a link between the pages with other pictures of the same subject.
Important Note : Use Instagram search “Tags” tab function & browse related best hashtags for your post.


There is no limit in characters and one can add up to 30 hashtags in a post. The right use of hashtags in Instagram post can increase reach and engagement.




Facebook may not be the well-liked platform to use hashtags, but it also helps to increase the audience’s engagement & interest. It makes it easier for people to find more about brands, events, and promotions. There is no restriction of using the number of hashtags in a post but it has been observed that the use of more than 5 hashtags in a post on Facebook can cause a drop in the engagement.
In Facebook, there is no way to search for any hashtags in the search field. Whatever you do, you will end up landing on Facebook pages, instead of a hashtag result.


Hashtags help online marketers to see the potential of increasing brand recognition and extending business reach among the audience. Small business owners have an opportunity to use hashtags which can drive traffic to their pages. All those who are new to online marketing; they should make sure not to make common mistakes like a new marketer may do.
  • Don’t use too many hashtags because it may lead to fewer interactions.
  • Don’t use irrelevant hashtags which may look like spam.

One can promote his/her business by using trending hashtags in one’s FB post. For online marketers, hashtags have become a great way to track the campaigns which allow people to see directly how and what others are talking about their brand.You can easily find the various trending topics or hashtags on the top right-hand corner of your News Feed.

Do not use the hashtag for every word in your post because each word in your post is not so important. For example:
#Be #Happy #And #Smile
Most of the people do so which results in spam post. The best practice is to use hashtags for special words which help in more engagement.
Important note : If you are using hashtags on your personal FB profile, it may only be visible to the people on your list because it’ll still work according to the privacy settings of your profile. Simply using a hashtag doesn’t make that post suddenly public; it completely depends on your privacy settings.




Twitter is the birthplace of modern hashtag usage. Hashtags are mainly used to signify specific topics of conversation on twitter. You can easily find the trending hashtags, in the left-hand corner of your Twitter account.
We shouldn’t use too many hashtags in Twitter. After all, it has a limit of 140 characters which prevents users to use many hashtags in a post. However, Twitter has a potential to use 10 hashtags and still gain a limited engagement. But the best practice is not to use more than 2 hashtags at a time.



So, we search for #MondayMotivation on Twitter then, most of the good stuff takes place in the center of that page.



As we can see, there are a few hashtag streams like Top (which is by default), Live, News, Photos, Videos and More Options.


  • Top: You can get the most engagement tweet from influential people or brands that have a lot of followers.
  • Latest: Live tweets from everyone who is tweeting out using that particular hashtag.
  • Accounts: Accounts who have that hashtag in their Twitter profile.
  • Photos: A bunch of photos which includes that hashtag in user’s tweet. Whenever you will hover mouse over a photo, you will see reply, retweet, or Like option at the bottom of that photo.


  • Videos: A flow of tweets which has videos in them and using that hashtag.
  • More Options: A dropdown menu that has a few great options.


Tips & Best Practice to use hashtags on Twitter:
  • A good strategy is to use hashtags to get more attention to your tweet when people are searching for content through that hashtag.
  • Use real-time marketing to look at the trending hashtags.
  • Use of hashtags in Twitter bio allows you to be search-able.


Hashtags are good to go! Hence, they’re a great way to increase your overall social media traffic.
  • Viewable by anyone with an interest in your hashtags even those outside of your network.
  • Expands your reach to anyone interested in that hashtags or phrase.