7 Reasons To Combine SEO + PPC = Complete SEO Strategy

We have seen numerous Google algorithm updates, but now Google has begun working upon encrypting all search queries entered by user, even for those users also who are not logged in. We also saw major changes in way ads are displayed in SERPs.
In order to meet, today’s search requirements and collecting more conversions, strategies are need to be plan with unified SEO and PPC Campaigns.

1. PPC can act as best keyword research tool for SEO

The success of any SEO campaign, entirely depends upon the keywords you have chosen for your website. It may take from months to an year to rank your website for your primary keywords.
So if you ended up optimizing your website for a set of keywords which did not generate traffic and conversions to your website, then all your hardwork along with money you spent on it goes to drain.

SEO mistakes may be more costly that it is better to run a relatively cheap PPC for testing your targeted keywords.

I researched very hard for an educational website, and collected some 600 keywords of the website niche. Now, i wanted to explore whether these keywords are really worth to spent time and efforts to do SEO for them.
By running a PPC campaign for 3-6 weeks, i got a fair idea about the keyword’s search volume and its conversion potential.

2. PPC returns a flood of effective keywords

From a PPC campaign, within few hours you can get what exactly people are typing in the search engines to reach to your website. It eliminates a lot of brainwork and brain storming while researching for keywords.

Search term result reports are treasure of profitable and leading keywords.

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You will get an idea, which keywords are actually generating traffic and conversions to your website. You can determine long tail keywords by the PPC search results.

3. PPC – a tremendous keyword testing Tool for SEO

Through PPC campaign, you can test upon hundreds and thousands of keywords for dozens of clients in few weeks and can get an idea which keyword and keyword variation will work well for the landing page.

4. PPC access the true effectiveness of brand keywords

There is a brainstorm while choosing a right keyword for branding. Questions arises like

Should i optimize my website for brand keywords?

Do people will choose my brand over my competitors?

A PPC campaign may help to figure out that. Within few weeks of running a PPC campaign you will be able to assess the market value of your client’s brand.

If non-branded term results in more conversions than the branded terms or if the branded keywords results into no or few conversions than your client has a serious branding issue.

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5. PPC can get instant feedback of your landing page

Through PPC campaign you can figure out which landing page is needed to redesign, which wording is compelling audience and which page version is delivering better results.
PPC reports can help you in finding out the need of reconstruction and redesigning of landing page.

6. PPC campaign have a direct impact on website’s organic traffic

It leads to increase in organic search of website since often people who clicked on the ad to visit your website, returns to your website via organic brand search.

7. PPC improves website’s SEO by more ROI and conversions

PPC actually improves the website’s SEO because it generates recordable ROI and conversions for the product.

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